Domestic Self-Settled Trusts



  • Available Until 12/23/2021
  • Next Class Time 11:00 AM MT
  • Duration 60 min.
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  • Program Code 04142020
  • MCLE Credits 1 + hours

Course Price: $89.00


In recent years, many states have begun to allow self-settled spendthrift trusts. These new trusts allow the settlor to obtain the benefits of offshore asset protection trusts without the complexity, cost, and byzantine application of foreign law. A settlor can shield assets from his or her creditors or tort claimants, remove those assets from his or her gross estate, and obtain other tax and non-tax benefits.Though more accessible than offshore trusts, domestic asset protection trusts still come with risk. This program will provide you with a practical guide to using self-settled spendthrift trusts and drafting their instruments. 

  • What are domestic asset protection trusts?
  • When are they best used and what are the risks?
  • What states allow these trusts and subject to what limits?
  • How do domestic trusts and offshore trust compare?
  • What are the tax benefits and risks of thee trusts?